Americans throws away approximately 80 lbs. of clothing per person, per year. Many of those items are synthetic, which take hundreds of years to decompose (and when they do, those toxins make their way into our water systems and food chains). Researchers estimate that the fashion industry is globally responsible for 10% of CO2 emissions, 20% of industrial wastewater, 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides used. Extending the life of clothes reduces carbon, water and waste footprints. So don’t toss it. Instead, extend the wear (aka go circular).•One way is through resale, like Patagonia’s Worn Wear program. As long as your items meet their criteria (clean, in good condition) they will buy back almost anything they make (there are exceptions such as next to skin items like swimsuits and underwear, naturally). After cleaning things up, they will resell garments through their Worn Wear website, extending the wear of these items.•Less landfill. Decreasing the footprint. And today I walked away with $100 store credit. Oh hell yeah.•Other brands are doing similar programs. I’m also a big fan of Taylor Stitch’s Restitch and vintage program. Definitely check them out.

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