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Tree Hugger Style

My recent focus on heading to a zero-waste lifestyle is in my smile department. Plastic handles and bristles from toothbrushes are petroleum based and end up in the landfill. Empty plastic toothpaste tubes also make their way to the dump. I went with bamboo toothbrushes because they are biodegradable and way more sustainable than plastic. Even the packaging was done mindfully. All recycled paper and soy based ink for printing.I’m giving @bitetoothpastebits a first try and am excited: I really like the concept and hope it’s a solution that sticks. Bite is a teeth cleaning agent in pill form. It’s all natural, sulfate free and cruelty free. It’s packaged in glass and there’s a recycling program. They are based in sunny, Los Angeles, California. I went with the charcoal option in both since it’s a natural teeth whitener. I have not found a solution for floss (yet) that works for me. I’m open to suggestions! Smile big and smile bright. (and take care of our home planet)

I have a ways to go before I am truly living a zero-waste lifestyle but hot damn, I am striving for it. There is passion in my efforts and each day I’m improving. I’m a bit found if my newest trick to using less plastic: mess bags at the deli counter. It’s super easy since my items are weighed before they are slipped into their wrapping so there’s no concern about adjusting weight. All I have to do it ask that they use my bag instead of a plastic one. So far I’ve gotten nothing but smiles and winks as a reaction. Give it a go! It’s fun to stand out with a purpose, even if it’s just at the deli of your favorite grocery store. 🦋🌳

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