Designer Fan Wear. Show Your Spirit in Style.

I wasn’t always a baseball fan. I grew up in a city that didn’t have a professional team and my family wasn’t into the sport. With very little exposure, I never got into it.

Then I moved to San Francisco in 2010. That changed everything. The SF Giants were in the World Series. The energy that overtook the city was infectious. Everyone was wearing black and orange. Strangers were high-fiving each other while walking down the sidewalk. Within days the entire city felt like one big family. It was awesome. When the Giants won, it was the biggest party I’ve ever been to. It was pure joy and celebration. I was officially hooked.

The Giants were in the World Series again in 2012. In 2010 I was too new to the city and didn’t have any fan wear. Two years later, I didn’t want to repeat that. I went on a quest to find clothes that represented my personal style and my support for the SF Giants. It’s in my DNA to be an individual and stand apart. My options on the racks were not original.

The designer in me went to the creative table and made a jacket that no one else would have. I took one of my every day designs, my scarf jacket, and applied the Giants colors. To crank up the team spirit, I appliquéd the team’s logo across the back. The results: a distinctive, stylish, totally one-of-a-kind jacket that showed my spirit like no other. I was not prepared for the overwhelming positive feedback I would get as soon as I stepped out my door.

I couldn’t go more than a half a block without someone commenting and asking where I got it. People were drawn to the look of the jacket. They like how it represented team spirit but able to stay stylish as well. I made two more that season, and they got snatched right up. I knew I was on to something. That’s how Sutter Larkin’s Designer Fan Wear got started.

Since then, the list of what clothes I offer has expanded. For women there are scarves, shoulder shrugs, cardigan sweaters and shirts in addition to the scarf jackets. My menswear includes scarves, button down shirts and sport coats. People like the professional casual feel of the Designer Fan Wear. They can wear it to work feeling unique and composed and still support their team.

When it comes to what teams I create for, there are no limits. Designer Fan Wear works for high school, college / university and professional teams. If you have the logo, I can create it. However, I do charge double for the LA Dodger, the SF Giants archrivals. (Kidding. Kind of).

A selection is available on my Etsy store. Feel free to reach out for custom orders.


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