The launch of Sutter Larkin and the start of many, many lessons to come.

When I jumped into this whole clothing design thing, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have any formal training or any past experience. I dove in wide-eyed, naïve with nothing but a pocket full of dreams.

It’s been almost 5 years since I committed to being a clothing designer. I’m finally figuring things out. I now have a business plan with benchmark numbers, creative concepts and systems on how to implement it all. I still have lots to learn, but I’ve learned so much from the time my designs first hit the runway at the 2011 Beats for Boobs Fashion Charity Event.

In the beginning I had no direction and no vision. If an opportunity crossed my path, I’d give it a go. Why not? See what happens. Some experiences were great. Some not so great and really tested me.

As the years ticked away I learned what works and what doesn’t. My vision became more clear and I was able to set goals. I started repeating the things that got me closer to those goals. And I avoided things that steered me down the wrong path.

I now have experience. I know that not every opportunity is the right opportunity for me, and I’m now clear on setting boundaries. I am more selective on who I work with, and I’m not afraid to say no. I also have a clear vision of what Sutter Larkin is about, and I am adamant on sticking to the story. I also have a full new appreciation for accounting (while I still despise it).

I am grateful for all lessons that got me to this point. But most importantly, I’m grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. They have lifted me higher.

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