My Story

I am Carrie Asby, and my passion is simple: to protect this planet and every living being on it through the power of self-love. Self-love is the quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever.

When it comes to self-love I take an inside-out approach. It starts with taking care of our minds and bodies. That’s why I love yoga. Our natural existence is to be loving and caring. Life happens and leaves us with scars, mentally and physically. These scars can alter the way we view others and ourselves, usually not in the best of light. Yoga guides us on how to put those past wounds to rest so we can have clarity with who we truly are. We are free to love ourselves, those around us and this amazing planet.

Personal style can bring out the loving you as well. Wearing the right clothes will ignite self-acceptance and give you confidence. Looking and feeling your best is the gateway to self-love. And better yet, my styling approach is also sustainable which brings love to this planet. Instead of being consumer focused (which is environmentally harmful), we’ll maximize your current wardrobe potential and put the words care, repair and re-wear into your stream of conscious (known as a circular system in tree-hugger lingo). You’ll view yourself and your wardrobe in a positive new light plus add Earth Guardian to your resume.

Our one-in-a-bazillion, beautiful planet needs our help. The environment has been damaged through our actions. The results are making our home unlivable. If we keep at it, future generations will be screwed (and most likely suffer). With the right mindset and change in behavior, we can also change our climate to be nurturing and fit for life for every living creature. Hippies always say love is the answer. I believe they are right.