Services and Pricing

First Impression Session

One of the most beneficial ways I’ve found to begin working with a client is through a “getting to know you” consultation. We’ll go over a comprehensive list of questions that will allow me to get to know your personality, your style, and your unique needs so I can create a style profile that will act as your personal blueprint for the other services I provide. The better I know you, the more personalized the experience will be.

Appointments last up to one hour and can be done in person, over the phone, or through FaceTime or Skype.


YOUR Body Type: Helpful Tips

Feeling good in your clothes starts with knowing styles you can rock. And for many people, the clothes they feel most comfortable in aren’t the ones that make them look their best. We won’t just discuss the do’s and don’ts, we’ll also talk about the hows and whys. And once we’re done, I’ll provide you with a personalized set of clear guidelines, with visuals, created just for you and your unique shape.


Closet Cleanse

Cleaning out your closet can be a drag, especially when you’re not sure where to begin. With my help, we can make the process fun and leave you with a fully personalized and sustainable wardrobe.

  • First, we’ll go through all your garments and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what may have potential.
  • For the items that have potential, we’ll take a good look and see whether a simple adjustment could make them a keeper. Sometimes mending, altering, or a small enhancement can make a big difference.
  • With the keepers, I’ll demonstrate the many ways to wear them so you can maximize their potential. For additional outfit recommendation services, see below.
  • If there are gaps that need filling in terms of gathering the basics, we’ll check out our sustainable options like thrift stores, renting, or purchasing from sustainable brands.

*Shopping will be done at a follow-up appointment and cost extra.

3 Hours (minimum): $525
Additional hours (up to 6 hours total): $175
Travel costs not included.

Outfit Recommendations

So you’ve got the clothes, now you need to know how to combine your individual pieces into stylish outfits. I have a few options for ways I can help:

  • Weekly – At the beginning of each week, I’ll send out personalized outfit ideas so you’re ready to go without changing your shirt six times before heading out the door.
  • Special Occasions – Hot date, job interview, wedding, charity gala. You name it and I’ll get you decked out for the event. Be prepared to shine.
  • Travel – Instead of packing everything in your closet “just in case,” I’ll help you pick out what’ll be best for your trip and identify where we may need to fill in some gaps depending on the location and type of trip.

Price determined by your specific needs. An estimate will be provided.

Style Exchange

Clothing swaps aren’t what they used to be. We’re going to take it up a notch and who knows, maybe you’ll see one of your own items through new lenses! Want to host a fabulous, eco-friendly affair? Here are the deets:

  • Each guest brings a set of clothes (in good condition) they simply don’t wear anymore. Or even that item in the back of the closet they’ve never even taken the tags off!
  • While you and your guests mingle and enjoy provided refreshments, I’ll set up a “boutique” of all the clothing.
  • Once ready, everyone will be invited to browse the boutique and try things on. I’ll be available for consulting on fit and style ideas.
  • If you find something you like, take it home!
  • Leftovers will be donated to charity for the host, who will receive a write-off for the donation.
  • Eco-workshops and additional options available to be added on.

Price determined by your specific needs. An estimate will be provided.