So tonight I had two outfits in mind to chose from to head out in. One had a boardroom-boss-lady-I’m-in-charge vibe. The other had a NYC-80’s-punk-meets-tree-hugger vibe. So naturally I went with a romantic-fall-it’s-not-cold-yet-artsie look. #CurrentMood #TreeHuggerChic.

* I found the dress at a Goodwill in Menlo Park, CA (new with tags). I’m led to believe it’s been hand-painted but there’s nothing on the internet to back up this story.

* Shoes I found at a vintage shop somewhere in my NYC neighborhood. I popped in to dodge the rain and there they were, sitting on a shelf, staring at me. Considering that they got called out all night tonight, I’d say they were a damn good $5 investment.

* 2 bracelets are by Article 22 . The other 3 were a gift from a dear friend.

* Earrings handcrafted by Portland artist, Patricia Lehner. I’ve had them for over 10 years. Simple elegance lasts forever.

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