When we were younger we were the best of friends. As time went on we became normal siblings and fought like hell. I am extremely grateful that as we got older we brought it back around and became friends again.During those decades in which we went head to head, our anger towards one another was something fierce. I was convinced I hated him. But the opposite of hate is not love. Love and hate are to have feelings. The opposite of that is to not care at all. When people share with me that they ‘hate’ their sibling, deep down inside I want to scream “oh no you don’t.” I keep quiet because I don’t know their actual situation and take the risk of projecting my deep rooted issues upon them. However, it does make me reflect on what my mother said to Nate and me when we got into trouble, “I’m not mad at you; I’m mad at what you did.” Nate passed away 4 years ago today. It’s definitely a day of reflection and stirring up memories. I picked this photo to share because this was part of the good years. I truly wish there were more. I miss you, Nater.

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